Terrorist Sympathisers in British Parliament? (19/9/11)

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Kapil’s Khichadi
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Terrorist Sympathisers in British Parliament?

No doubt the headline above must have caught your eye. Let me explain, on 15th September 2011 the British Parliament allowed a debate on a motion titled: ‘General debate on human rights in the Indian sub-continent.’ The motion tabled by the Conservative MP Steve Baker, along with four other MPs appears to have been created for the sole purpose of talking about the situation in Kashmir, and to undermine the Indian Government.
The positive side being that less than 30 members of the 640-strong House of Commons attended the debate. The so called debate on Kashmir turned out to be nothing more than a damp squib. So why should I be writing about it if it was so inconsequential?

The answer is rather simple. We are witnessing the extremist in our society getting a stronger hold within the democratic institutions of this country. They have systematically over a period of time courted friendship and favour of not only some MPs, but key people in the civil service as well as some at local council level.

The debate was a humiliating failure and showed the stupidity of some of the MPs. It does however beg the question, why did they not cover issues such as the following?

1. The role of Pakistan and its state sponsored cross border terrorism over many decades?
2. Why since the independence of Pakistan, people from faiths other than Islam have been wiped out almost totally? What happened to their human rights?
3. What about the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits (the true custodians of the area over many millennia) who have lost 100’s of thousands, with many millions displaced from their homeland as a result of Pakistani sponsored cross border terrorism?

The list is not exhaustive but suffice to say, the ‘root’ cause of this evil stems from across the border. Don’t take my word for it, even Cameron Munter the US ambassador to Pakistan said last week that there is evidence linking the Haqqani militant network to the Pakistani government.

I am reminded of what Martin Luther King said, ‘Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.’ Will these MPs now also debate how Pakistan is still funding terrorist training camps and harbouring the very people our troops are fighting in Afghanistan? Our valiant troops are being killed by the very terrorist that India has had to contend with in Kashmir for many decades.

When Benazir Bhutto said, ‘Democracy is necessary to peace and to undermining the forces of terrorism,’ those same forces of terror in Pakistan assassinated her – lest the supporters of these crazy band of evil forget.

Interestingly, in what could have been an orchestration, the gallery overseeing the debate was full of people who were on the side of Pakistan. Regrettably, there was a glaring absence of anyone from any of the Indian representative bodies to counter this overt expression of the caliphate.

I am glad to say that there were some MPs who showed intelligence and pointed out the other side of the argument. Barry Gardiner was one such MP who placed on record issues missing from the debate. Barry and MP’s of his ilk have to be commended for they have not sold out to supporters of dictators and terrorists.

We must question why MPs of Indian origin (on all sides) were not taking part in the debate? We have to ask our national organisations, where were all of you whilst this was happening on your watch? We have to ask those in our community who welcome honours and peerages – yet are not seen when such atrocities occur in our Parliament? What was the British Asian Conservative Link (BACL) doing? What did ‘Labour Friends of India’ do? I have to say, if it had anything to do with Israel or the Jewish faith – there would have been a response of such magnitude, that the Government of the day would have quacked in their boots.

Indians (of all faiths) must recognise the systematic attacks being perpetrated by those who follow the path of extremism and terrorism. They have the backing of dictators with their billions who use any and all means to further their unacceptable march against democracy. Some of our MPs are truly stupid, that at least we have known for a while now, however to allow their stupidity to undermine democracy both here and overseas is a dangerous development. I hope those who garner our votes, and the huge market that India represents for our very sustenance, do not abuse the privilege of our Parliament again.


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