Et tu, Brute (7/5/13)

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ID-100188469Et tu, Brute

‘Even you Brutus’ said Caesar to his best friend as he stabbed him in the back. History shows us all too often that those who are close to us, those who we feel are our friends, even they will put the knife in when we least expect it.

The recent fiasco on the caste issue has not only been misrepresented by some in our own community, but also by those in politics who clamour for our votes. We have witnessed politicians in the Commons and the Lords misrepresent not only the issue, but also the evidence on which they connived for a change in law. The leading actor in this drama was in fact the Labour Party. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Do not believe any of the tales that the spin masters roll out to you. Do not allow anyone to tell you that Labour was ever on the side of the Hindus in this case. They betrayed the Hindu community – full stop.

As Malcolm X once said, “To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal”.

So first let us set aside a lot of lies and myths that people banded around.

Lord Parekh stood up and gave a very poor speech, and for a while it seemed he would be voting against the amendment (i.e. supporting the Hindus) but when it came to the vote itself, his colour changed to red and he voted for the amendment (i.e. against the Hindus). We have shown great respect for Lord Parekh and honoured him rightly over the decades. But when it came to choosing between his Dharma and his politics, he chose the latter. Lord Parekh it gives me no pleasure when I say this to you openly, I do feel betrayed by your actions. I fear the legacy you will leave behind will forever be tainted by this one action.

Lord Dholakia was not so proactive during the early stages of the debate. However when it came to the final vote he spoke well and he voted with the Hindu community. Lord Dholakia, you and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. However let me commend you publicly for making the right call at the right time.

So who else voted against the Hindus? Here is the list, read it well and remember their names: Bilimoria, L., Desai, L., Flather, B., Both Kinnock’s, Noon, L., Parekh, L., Patel of Bradford, L., Patel, L. and Singh of Wimbledon, L.

Those who voted for the Hindus: Dholakia, L., Loomba, L., Popat, L., Verma, B. and Warsi, B.

Lord Singh showed not only disrespect to the Hindus in the House of Lords, but he also let down the Sikh faith. The NIESR report showed some case studies with alleged caste discrimination. What Lord Singh failed to inform his peers was that in fact many of those case studies were in fact from the Sikh community. He went on to lay the charge of caste discrimination on the Hindus, knowing all too well the evidence was to the contrary. The Sikh community prides itself with honesty, integrity and honour. They have championed the protection of Vedic dharma through the ages and Lord Singh managed to destroy that heritage by his actions. Lord Singh I fear you have disgraced your faith and your community, can you truly call yourself a Sikh?

If that was not enough, up steps the infamous Baroness Flather. Her speech was probably one of most ludicrously idiotic stand up routines I have seen for some time. She spent the entire time deriding the Hindu community. Not once did she take the time to understand the NIESR report and the information contained therein. And why should she bother to let the facts get in the way when she sat so snugly beside Lord Singh to orchestrate an attack on our Dharma? Baroness Flather showed the worst in human behaviour and disgraced her family, and dishonoured her heritage. Her ancestors will hang their heads in shame, but will she even understand the seriousness of what she has done?

In Kapil’s Khichadi I have always remained neutral. However let me say this to everyone, I cannot ignore the betrayal that I feel Labour has imparted on our community. It is for each and every one of you to decide now, where do you stand? On the side of Lord Rama or will you side with Ravana? Lest you forget, the very future of the legacy and heritage you leave for your children depends on your answer.

Our task is to raise issues directly with politicians regardless of the colour of their politics. Sometimes we will have to be stern with one Party and then on other occasions it will be another Party. Blind loyalty I fear is not in our interest, especially when it comes to protecting the interest of our community. This is where we all need to draw a line. We are Hindus first, and the political allegiance must always take second place. This is where I have to commend the people of Jewish faith. They are very well represented in all the Political Parties. In fact increasingly they are securing high profile positions on a regular basis. On any matter that affects their community – they will never compromise. They come together and in no uncertain terms they will tell the politicians to back off. Failure to do so results in severe punishment and every politician has learnt that one important lesson that you do not mess with the Jewish community. We also now need to aspire to reach such a level of respect – otherwise there is a danger that for the next 50 years we will continue to be treated like second class citizens.

Kapil Dudakia
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