Sharia or Fascism? (27/5/13)

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The recent Council elections produced interesting results for all the main parties. There is no doubting the Tories took a beating, but let’s face it – the LibDems were almost wiped out in the process. Labour did not make the sort of impact you would expect of the main opposition either. So all the main parties lost out to UKIP who turned in a performance of the century. As it happens they did secure Council seats but this will be difficult to replicate in a General Election.

What UKIP has shown however is that it is possible to upset the status quo. In upsetting the establishment, UKIP have unwittingly elevated their policies onto the two main parties. The lead parties are in such turmoil it is now difficult to figure out whether they are right of centre, centre or left of centre. All parties are forced to re-write their narrative for the public, a task getting harder all the time. The evidence thus far suggests the public are on the war path and not taking the politician’s bait. Fishing for votes just got tougher and one wonders what type of extreme bait these parties will use to harvest those votes?

The fact that UKIP will take votes away means that in many parts of the country the sitting MP might well end up losing, not necessarily to UKIP but possibly to their main opponent. It’s likely to become a game of who loses the fewer votes to UKIP that wins the seat.

The Tory Party are poised dangerously on the cusp of being taken in by the UKIP tornado. In their exasperation to limit the damage, factions are now openly at war fighting for the heart and soul of the Party. And whilst they devour each other, the Party moves ever so close to the far-right with the health warning that they might lose more votes from the middle than they gain from the right.

So what is Labour doing whilst we have the Government in such disarray? Well frankly very little. They should be at least 15+% points ahead of the Tories by now if they are to stand any chance of getting a majority next time round. Their failure to galvanise their supporters or get new voters might well tempt them to lurch to the left. Ed Miliband not only gives this impression but also that he is beholden to the Unions. There is also another very sinister development taking place. It seems Labour has decided to target the Muslim vote. Over the coming months we may well see more evidence of this as Labour systematically infiltrates the Muslim community by using candidates who can get votes using clan loyalty. Often it is said a declaration by the cleric or the community leader to vote in a certain manner usually does the trick. This lurch has the potential to be interpreted by voters and the media as moving Labour ever closer to adopting aspects of Sharia. Whatever the truth is, as they say perception is the real game in politics.

The consequence of such a move by Labour has the potential to affect its own core vote that resides in working class communities. These folk will not want to be associated with any Party that might be associated with any aspect of Sharia. The result being that Labour may also lose a proportion of its core vote. The question is where will this vote go? Now in the old days it would have gone to the LibDems – but in light of their disastrous coalition antics they are finished for at least the 2015 elections. I therefore hazard a guess that UKIP will be the willing recipients of such voter sentiments.

So we have a pukka political Khichadi in the making. UKIP will only secure seats if they poll in excess of 25%, and do so in specific targeted seats. Therefore looking at my crystal ball – it is rather cloudy like the British summer. In this mix of failed governance, failed leadership and failed political direction – we are heading for the election of a life time in 2015.

And whilst this is taking place, what about our community? We have the votes therefore we have the means to send a message. We should do this regardless of any historical political allegiance since the very future of our children rests in ensuring that the political class do not ever undermine us, as they did recently on caste. I have heard from certain MPs, as well as their proxy advisers from within our community – that Hindus are so disunited, so stupid that they will carry on voting the way they have done for decades. In fact some of them have claimed that they can do anything they like and the Hindus won’t have the intelligence or the common sense to retaliate. You see folks, the bottom line is we have allowed some of these politicians to eat our samosas, have cups of chai and be garlanded at out festive events – and they return the favour by showing utter contempt for all of us. Is it time we woke up and smelt the coffee? Or are you still so deluded that you will excuse away the contempt that is being shown by some of these politicians?


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