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Labour and Shri Narendrabhai Modi

Avid readers of Kapil’s Khichadi will no doubt be aware of the open letter I wrote to Ed Miliband seeking answers to some very simple questions regarding Shri Narendrabhai Modi. After several reminders I can inform you that Mr Miliband did indeed write back but unfortunately he responded poorly and failed to address the core issues I had raised. Typical I suppose.

However I am pleased to see that the issues raised have now been taken on board by the Tory Party, and in particular Prime Minister David Cameron. In a recent statement he said, “We believe that closer engagement with Gujarat, including Chief Minister Narendra Modi, is now the best way to achieve our wide-ranging objectives there – including on human rights – and ensure that the UK can provide a full and consistent range of services across India.” So there you have it – directly from our Prime Minster on exactly where he stands on the issue of Shri Narendrabhai Modi.

That is all I ask for from Ed Miliband – clarity on where he stands on this important issue. Some people have said to me that Mr Miliband might be frightened to answer the questions lest he loses votes from the Muslim community. I do hope that is not the real reason; that would be disappointing.

In the mean time the BJP have announced that Shri Narendrabhai Modi will be their candidate for the 2014 elections to be the next Prime Minister of India. If Shri Narendrabhai becomes the Prime Minister then I am convinced that the world will line up outside his door begging to be his friend. I am also sure that those who have played games with half-truths and misinformation will not be forgotten so readily when ‘Modi – fication’ has taken place.

The Visa Bond

Readers will also know that I have been on record stating clearly that in my view the whole concept of Visa Bonds is silly. Why the Tory Party thought it was a good idea is beyond me – but at least we know where they stand on this issue.

However I believe it is also important that our community knows the full truth from other political parties. Did you know that it was the Labour Party in Government that actually introduced the very concept of Visa Bonds? Yes folks you read that correctly – it was Labour. As far as I can make out that still remains the policy of the Labour Party. I have nevertheless asked Ed Miliband (and Jonathan Ashworth MP – Labour MP for Leicester South, opposition whip and member of Labour’s NEC) to confirm Labour’s exact policy. I was told that will be clarified in their 2015 elections manifesto. Yes – incredible I know. We have got the Labour Party that is rushing to stir up our community on the basis of the Visa Bond – but ignoring to tell us what their exact policy was, is or will be. So I say to Mr Miliband – there is now a pattern developing whereby when our community asks questions and you fail to answer and seem to ignore. I am sure our community will wise up sooner or later.

Lessons for the community:

Over the past 6 months or so we have seen politicians say one thing, only for us to find out that their official policy is often totally the opposite. In the case of the ‘Caste’ issue we saw how Labour MPs and Peers went out of their way to undermine our dharma. They ignored the contents of the NIESR report and painted it as a Hindu issue only, when in reality the cases studies showed that the vast majority of examples were in fact from the Sikh community.

On the Shri Narendrabhai Modi issue we know that the Labour Party had introduced a diplomatic boycott on the State of Gujarat. Yet we have their politicians come to our community events and tell us the very opposite. Ed Miliband is unable to answer my simple questions, maybe because the truth might be too dangerous.

Our community, our leaders and our media must not be so entrenched with any of the political parties that they fail to see the dishonourable way in which some of these politicians act. It is important that we challenge politicians so that they make good decisions based on proper evidence and community wishes. You should not be afraid to ask tough questions just because you happen to be a Party member, or a friend of a politician, or because you want to get an honour. Times are changing fast and our community is also changing the very way in which it acts. It would be a foolish politician or political party that thinks it can carry on misleading us using the divide and rule principle constantly. Surely the time has come when we as a community must increase our scrutiny of the politicians and demand their respect if they want our votes?


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