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So the much await declaration by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) to nominate Shri Narendrabhai Modi – the lion of Gujarat – to be their official candidate for Prime Minister in the 2014 Indian election has happened.  The BJP took their time but in the end they came to the right decision.

The instant Shri Narendrabhai’s name was announced every social media site went into the stratosphere. The only game in town was Shri Narendrabhai – or NaMo as he is affectionately known in the social media world.  So what does this mean for India?

Well let’s start with the basics.  Shri Narendrabhai has successfully won three successive terms in Gujarat and has just completed 12 years as Chief Minister.  During his tenure the very map of Gujarat has changed.  He has instilled in the people of Gujarat a certain level of confidence that anything and everything is possible.  We have heard of the massive infrastructure developments, the huge inward investments (not only from  within India, but also from other countries) and we have seen delegation after delegation of high profile politicians from various countries making a beeline for Gujarat – and the list goes on and on.  Yes there is still a lot to be done but what is clear is that without Shri Narendrabhai, Gujarat would have been left decades behind the rest of India.

Shri Narendrabhai has found the knack of mixing good old fashioned morals and ethics with the new modern derivatives of management.  He commands attention from the old and the young in equal measure.  People of all faiths and all ethnic communities gather in their tens of thousands to listen to him.  From those who are considered as high intellectuals to those who might not have had the opportunity of a formal education.  From those who are billionaires to the aam aadmi in the street.  His is a presence and a personality that captures the hearts and minds of the masses.  He is a man of the people, for the people.

India is at its cross roads.  It can choose to remain in the past with the politics of nepotism, or it can accept the challenge of the 21st Century and say with one voice, we are ready to take our rightful place in the world.  It’s a country that is steeped in rich history that has the moral, ethical and spiritual treasures that can save the world.  India was a sleeping giant but as it awakes, it needs a driver that has the capability to steer a path leading the nation and its people to pastures a new and the bountiful.


There are countries in the west that have made grave errors by trying to undermine Shri Narendrabhai.  Top of the list is of course the USA.  Even the UK under the leadership of the then Labour Government imposed a diplomatic ban on the state of Gujarat.  Can you imagine that – western countries imposing various types of bans on Shri Narendrabhai and Gujarat whilst the Indian Prime Minister and Indian Government stood by and watched from the sidelines. No western leader or government would have ever stood by and allowed any democratically elected representative from their country to be so mistreated by a foreign entity.  Yet in India party politics comes first, even if that means the honour of the country has to be compromised.  I am glad to say that the new Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron quickly understood the importance of Gujarat, of Shri Narendrabhai and of course India.  Recently he came out and openly stated: “We believe that closer engagement with Gujarat, including Chief Minister Narendra Modi, is now the best way to achieve our wide-ranging objectives there – including on human rights – and ensure that the UK can provide a full and consistent range of services across India”.  It won’t be long before the other nations realise the error of their ways and have to come crawling to Shri Narendrabhai.

The challenge for the people of India now is to elect Shri Narendrabhai and BJP to lead their next government.  It is their chance to elect someone who can affect change on a massive scale throughout India. If the people allow their vote to be bought by the charlatans, then in the end only they and their generations to come will suffer.  As they say, if you don’t use your vote wisely then don’t complain when you suffer the consequences.

India needs a new start.  It needs to become vibrant with fresh ideas full of energy and vigour to stimulate the huge potential of the youth.  To garner that genius that is in India should be the primary focus of any new government.  India has everything; it now needs a leader that can champion the nation and its people.  Will the people of India do the right thing?  Only time will tell – but let us remember that many decades ago it was a man from Gujarat who led the salt march and showed the British the way out of India.  I think it is time we allowed another man from Gujarat to lead the nation to its rightful place at the top table on the world scene.  Jai Hind.



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