Hindu Sentiments Violated

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The Mother of Parliament was abused on 26th February by a group of extremist whose sole purpose was Anti-Modi and Anti-Hindu rhetoric.  Organisations such as ‘The Monitoring Group (TMG-UK)’ and ‘Awaaz’ came together under the pretence of meaningful discussion, but the event hosted by the Labour MP John McDonnell  and supported by Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn was nothing but an excuse for them to spill their vile allegations to a bunch of mindless followers who lapped up every negative sentiment expressed against Hindus.

In a press release by the group it stated Labour MP Virendra Sharma was also hosting the event.  It seems after being exposed he withdrew to save face by claiming he had been misled by the group and their intentions.  I have written to Virendra and it seems he has become rather shy by not responding to legitimate questions about his role in this fiasco.  I have also written to John McDonnell MP and guess what – yes, he has become shy all of a sudden as well.

The response I got from Ed Miliband suggested that the event had been cancelled.  In fact I had to inform him that not only was it going ahead – but the room booking in the House of Commons was done by none other than his own Labour Party MP – John McDonnell.  I have asked Mr Miliband a series of questions – yes folks you got it in one, he has now become very shy and so far no response.  It seems the leader of the Labour Party is either incapable of controlling his party or is manifestly frightened of me with the questions I put to him.

Let me also tell you that I have asked Suresh Grover of TMG-UK to respond to the issues arising.  He promised to come back to me with a detailed account.  I await with baited breath.  However it seems in his initial response to me he appeared to reject Virendra Sharma’s account of events.  So it seems someone somewhere is not quite telling us the full story.

A number of Hindus did manage to attend the event.  Feedback from them suggests that the whole debate was totally one sided.  There was not one person on the panel who could have put forward an alternative perspective and so it seems this was nothing but an excuse for extremist to air their grievances against the Hindu community.  Good Hindus attending left distraught and sad that the sanctity of the British Parliament was allowed to be abused in such a fashion.

This episode is not new.  Only last year we had the grotesque showcase of the Labour Party supporting the Lord Harries Caste amendment against the wishes of the Hindu community.  At that time it became clear that a number of Labour MPs and high profile Hindus let us all of down.  As one Hindu leader said to me, ‘they say one thing to our face, then they come to our functions to get the photos and hoodwink our community for votes – and then they stab us in the back’.

Satish Sharma the Secretary General of National Council of Hindu Temples put it nicely when he said: ‘Hindus, members of the oldest multi faith culture, subscribe to the ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning – the whole world is one family. It would appear that Parliamentary process has been perverted by persons who do not wish to see such confident interfaith principles being developed.’

He was supported by Madhava Turumella Vice President of the Hindu Forum of Britain who said:  “Hinduism is magnanimous in respecting the ideologies of others, it is clear that our tolerance has given these extremist the opportunity to attack and undermine our faith and our community”

As far as Narendrabhai Modi is concerned – extremist spreading misinformation is basically of zero relevance to the election that is taking place in India.  The wave of support from people of all backgrounds and all faiths right across India for Narendrabhai is breathtaking. In the midst of this I must say it was refreshing to see the Conservative MP Bob Blackman’s (Harrow East) statement in the House of Commons: ‘In the run-up to the Indian elections, it appears that opponents of Narendra Modi will stop at nothing to smear him, including using rooms in this House to publish thoroughly scurrilous reports attacking him personally. May we have a debate on the relationship between Britain and India—and in particular on the Indian elections—which would give the Foreign Secretary an opportunity to welcome Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India?’

The issue therefore is for us, British Hindus who have shown over decades that we are one of the most cohesive and well integrated communities in the UK.  Ours is a tradition of living a life based on sound Hindu values of righteousness, peace and non-violence.  We work hard, we contribute in almost all spheres of life and we are the most law abiding citizens in the UK.  Therefore to see a Labour MP opening access to Parliament to groups that conduct themselves in such poor fashion is nothing short of treachery.

When politicians act in a manner that adversely impacts our community, we have every right to question them and their intentions.  You the voter have every right to demand an apology from Ed Miliband, after all this fiasco in Parliament would have been avoided if he had kept his MPs in control.  Mr Miliband, it’s time for you to come clean and respond to our legitimate questions. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to hide from the truth?

For the readers – you can do your own research and determine for yourself what some of these groups stand for and what they are doing:




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