Modi Victory & Labour betrayal of UK Indian community

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16th of May 2014 will go down in history when India was given a second chance to secure its independence.  Our Shri Narendrabhai Modi transcended the binds of caste, creed, religion, language and ethnicity to take the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to its most profound election victory ever.  The landslide victory decimated the dynastic socialist Gandhi Congress and the so called ‘Third’ front.  The media was left breathless as the results started to come in.  TV anchors that had for more than a decade shown total bias against PM Modi ji were left dumbfounded.  As the minutes ticked by you could see the shock on their faces – the sudden realisation that they had got it all wrong and backed the wrong horse in Rahul Gandhi and Congress.  In a desperate attempt to salvage some credibility, TV/Media anchors changed their tune to pro-Modi.  In one instance we even had mithai being shared by TV anchors and their guests.  In the end, those who had for years fed the masses untruths about PM Modiji were left having to eat their own words.  It truly was awe inspiring to see these parasites grovelling in full public view.

PM Modiji has shown that regardless of the opposition, the Lion of Gujarat can handle it all.  He is more than capable of sorting India out.  However for us the UK we must take stock of who our friends are, and those who wish us harm and show disrespect.  It is now time for the Modi tsunami to hit our shores and for us to take up that challenge closer to home.

Let me remind you also how the then Labour government in 2002 instigated a diplomatic ban on Gujarat – even though there was no shred of evidence implicating Chief Minister Modi.  It was the Congress Government in India under Manmohan Singh that stayed silent whilst one of its democratically elected CMs was hounded by foreign powers.  How disgraceful knowing that for political gain Congress stooped to the gutter instead of protecting CM Modi.  On that day the integrity of the Congress Government died totally.  They had sold their souls and the country to the imperial masters for whom they do the bidding.

I must therefore congratulate and commend David Cameron who within months of getting into power lifted the stupid illegal diplomatic ban.  He travelled to India thrice showing that the future belongs to India and that the UK wants to be part of that bright vision.  On his last visit he even stated live on CNN-IBN that he was very happy to work with Narendrabhai Modi.  David Cameron therefore became the first western leader to openly nail his colours to the mast.  I can now also tell you that our Prime Minister was one of the first to send his congratulations to PM Modiji.  In fact from the information I have, PM Modi ji took only one call on that day – and that was from David Cameron.

I am disgusted with Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.  Did you know that the 1st tweet made by Ed Miliband on the Indian elections was at 12:02 pm – 18 May 2014.  By this time I had already reminded him at least three times that he had failed to tweet his message of congratulations to PM Modiji.  I then checked to see if this was a pattern within the Labour MPs – and guess what, yes it was.  It seems Labour MPs were either all ignorant of the biggest election taking place in the world, or they had been instructed not to comment on it.  Even the so called ‘Labour Friends of India’ had not posted a message of congratulations to PM Modiji.

I don’t know about all of you, but I take that as the highest form of disrespect to PM Modiji, to Indian democracy, to the Indian people and to all Indians in the UK.  Ed Miliband wants to be the Prime Minister of UK yet on the world stage he failed monumentally in his duty to do the right thing.  I have been informed by a number of people that the Labour Party wanted to secure the Muslim vote in the elections.  In effect it seems it was easier to ignore Hindus, Sikhs and Jains as long as the Muslim vote was kept happy.  How true and widespread this might be – only Ed Miliband knows.  However the evidence suggests that the Labour Party has shown a distinct lack of judgement when it came to PM Modiji and the Hindu community in the UK.

I wish to leave you all with a parting thought.  Huge expectations exist both in India and overseas with regard to PM Modiji and what he can do for India.  I would just say to everyone, 60 years of bankrupt corrupt governance will take time to sort out.  Let us all support PM Modiji in whatever way we can.  Let us understand that time and space will be required to restructure Bharat so that it is fit for the 21st Century.  In my view PM Modiji will require at least two clear terms to turn the Indian juggernaut around, but a glimpse of what we can expect in the future will become a reality within months.  The next few years will see breath taking changes and opportunities in India.  It is time Bharat and its people took their rightful place on the world stage.  India has finally secured its Independence.  Jai Hind.


Below – as printed in Asian Voice



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