OPEN LETTER TO THE Rt Hons Ed Miliband MP – India, PM Modi and Gujarat

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Date: 19th May 2014



I have written to you in the past as well as tweeting questions directly to your twitter account.  Your responses thus far have been poor and I write to you again in the hope that you will begin to recognise the importance of taking the issues I raise with you seriously.


I do not profess to speak on behalf of the Indian community nor the Hindu community.  However I do believe I have my finger on the pulse of the community to know what the issues of concern are, and other matters that impact our community. 

In the form of this open letter I seek your responses to the following points:

a.            Can you confirm that it was the then Labour Government that imposed a diplomatic/visa ban on the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendrabhai Modi?

b.            Can you confirm the date on which this decision was taken (I believe you were quite close to the government of the day) and the people involved in that decision making?  In addition, can you confirm if the then Labour Government was lobbied by anyone or any entity in the UK or external to affect such a decision?  If so, who?

c.            Can you confirm the exact reasons for imposing such a ban on an officially and democratically elected politician who had never been found guilty of any wrong doing by any court?


d.            Can you confirm if the then Labour Government had introduced any type of ban on investments into the State of Gujarat either via the government departments and/or corporate entities?

e.            Can you confirm how many British led projects were established in the State of Gujarat during the tenure of the Labour Government?  Please include the total sums involved.


In addition to these points, the following require your attention also:

f.             On 26th February an anti-modi event was hosted by some Labour MPs/Peers with organisations such as Awaaz and TMG-UK.  Can you please confirm that you denounce the role of the Labour MP/Peers?  In addition can you also confirm that you reject the report titled, ‘Narendra Modi Exposed’?

g.            On 1st May another anti-modi event was host by some Labour MPs at the House of Commons in Committee Room 14.  You should note this took place on the same day when the House of Commons was celebrating ‘Gujarat Foundation Day’.  Can you please tell us why after the fiasco of the 26th February, you still allowed this event to go ahead with the assistance of Labour MPs?  In light of this current history can you confirm that you denounce the role of these MPs in the said event?

h.            Shri Narendra Modi became PM elected on 16th of May 2014.  As far as I can make out you tweeted your congratulations at 12.02PM on 18th May 2014.  This is a good 48 hours after the landslide victory by PM Modi was known.  Can you please explain why as the leader of the Labour Party and the official opposition, it took you so long to respond to the biggest event taking place in the world at that time? I am sure you will appreciate that I had to remind you at least three times to make such a statement.

Mr Miliband there is a rising concern within the community that you and your Party appear to be showing incredible levels of disrespect in how some of your MPs are behaving, and what appears to be a total lack of any control on your part to ensure that a sizeable and important community is not disrespected. 

By way of this open letter, which I will share within my community, I hope you will take the opportunity to respond with clear responses.  I do hope you appreciate that rhetoric and platitudes don’t work any longer, and that as a community,  we deserve to know what the leader of the Labour Party, a person who wants to be the next PM of UK, really thinks about us.

In addition, I am willing to meet you in person to conduct an interview to secure your responses – if you would find that more helpful.

You now have had ample opportunities to respond but unfortunately hitherto you have failed.  I do hope that you consider this letter as yet another attempt by me to give you the option of sharing your thoughts.  Failure to do so will be telling in itself.

I leave the matter in your good hands and trust that I may have your reply within the next 7 days.

I thank you for your time and am available should you wish to clarify any of the points raised.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Kapil Dudakia


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