British Hindu Manifesto 4 GE 2015

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British Hindu Manifesto 4 GE 2015

The Hindu community has now been in the United Kingdom in reasonably large numbers for some five decades.  During this time the community rightly focused its attention to the day-to-day requirements of embedding in British society and ensuring a future for their children.

Today the Hindu community is seen to be well integrated, well educated, law abiding, hugely contributing in business, hard working, professional, diligent, honest and community spirited.  These are but a few examples of the many positive attributes that one may consider when describing the Hindu community in Britain.

Participation within the political arena has not been to the same extent as one would expect of such a vibrant and successful community.  In the recent past it has become increasingly clear that there is a danger that the political fraternity might be taking the Hindu community for granted, or even worse, ignoring it given it may not always be as loud as other minority ethnic or religious groups.

I have been in discussions with many leading lights from our community and have brought together what I believe might be a construct for a British Hindu Manifesto for General Election 2015.  All the generic issues that arise are known to all of us already and these are similar to those from the wider community.  However below you will see a collection that I believe are specific to our community and deserve a response from each party leader.  These are issues that will help dissect through the spin, the rhetoric and the platitudes that we will get in increasing amounts over the next few weeks.

So via Kapil’s Khichadi leaders of all major parties are being asked to give the following issues their serious consideration.  For each issue raised, a clear Yes/No response is required.

Hindu Manifesto for General Election 2015:

  1. In 2013, the Regulatory and Reform Bill (via the Lord Harries amendment) introduced an obligation upon the Government to put into action the 2010 Act in relation to ‘caste’. This unacceptable and erroneous legislation should be repealed within 2 years of the next UK Government being formed.
  1. The programme for Free Schools (and promoting Faith Schools) should continue with dedicated long term funding arrangements so that a greater diversity of Hindu schools can be set up to serve the whole community.
  1. Diwali is a very important Hindu festival. A bank holiday should be allocated to celebrate the huge contribution of the Hindu community to the British way of life.
  1. Jammu and Kashmir are an integral part of India and the matter rests with India, and it is not for the British Parliament to interfere in anyway.
  1. Congratulate Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and to work in ever closure partnership on the many issues affecting both our countries. UK Government recognises PM Modi’s huge contribution in developing Gujarat and looks forward to this being replicated throughout India.
  1. The violations of Hindu Human rights in Pakistan and Bangladesh (and other countries) are unacceptable and these concerns should be raised by the UK Government directly with the respective governments.
  1. Cross border terrorist acts are to be condemned and these concerns should be raise by the UK Government directly with the Pakistani Government to ensure that its soil is never used for any acts of terrorism.
  1. That the practice of sexual grooming is abhorrent and totally unacceptable. The full force of the law should be employed to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime.
  1. That forced acts of religious conversions (direct or indirect) are totally unacceptable anywhere in the world and are to be denounced.
  1. Investigate and identify Hindu artefacts in UK national treasure with a view to establishing a process for repatriation.

The above is not exhaustive, nor does it attempt to be definitive for the Hindu community.  I am certain that many of our organisations will engage proactively in the political arena and as such no doubt they will bring forth many other dimensions.  However the points I have raised need a response from all the Party leaders.  We should know of their position now so that it allows for a good productive debate which will hopefully lead to voting that is informed as opposed to blind faith.

So I say this to all the leaders of all the political parties, the onus is now on you to come forward and respond.  It should not take more than a few days to respond, after all the hard work of formulating the questions has been done by me.  It requires either a Yes or a No.  Now surely that is simple enough even for our hard working politicians!


Huge support coming in from all corners of the country and from major Hindu organisations on the Hindu Manifesto.  Below examples of some of the letters coming in:





4 thoughts on “British Hindu Manifesto 4 GE 2015

    basheshr said:
    February 5, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Once the authorities know that the culprits or convicts are Pakistani the term should not be used Asian but just Pakistani muslims. the word Asian is confusing.

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