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It’s time to come off the fence and nail one’s colours to the mast.  Readers will know that over the past 5 years I have scrutinised all political parties, their leaders and their policies.  Now with fewer than 20 days to the election it is time that people like me who wish to say so much, also have the strength of our convictions to come forward and tell everyone where we stand.  So today let me make it clear – in GE2015 I will be voting for the Conservative Party.  And my reasons are:

I am a British Hindu of Indian origin.  I came to the UK in 1968 when I was barely 9 years old.  As I was growing up all I saw were the masses of Indians all voting for the Labour Party.  When I got the vote even I followed the set process and voted for the Labour Party.  And dare I say this pattern has continued election after election, generation after generation, with very little inward or outward inquiry.  I however began to question everything during the Blair years and whilst he did some good, I was not sure about his motivation.  With Brown and Miliband taking over Labour leadership it brought a number of issues into even sharper focus.

I witnessed a Labour government introduce a Machiavellian diplomatic ban on Shri Narendra Modi in 2002.  Brown and Miliband did nothing about this diplomatic ban since they were part of the whole fiasco.  The ban was not justified under any international law, it seemed Labour wanted to help their Congress friends in India.

When Ed Miliband took over having stabbed his brother in back, something told me that one should be careful in placing any trust in this new leader of the labour Party.  My hesitation came true since it was the Labour Party that supported and orchestrated the ‘caste’ legislation treachery.  They stabbed the Hindu (Dharmic) community in the back and went against the wishes of all our organisations.

In early 2014 we witnessed Labour MPs working in tandem with some extremist organisations to hold Anti-Modi events at the House of Commons.  These events also came across as Anti-Hindu.  Readers will remember I wrote an open letter to Ed Miliband to come clean and tell us exactly where he stood.  He has had several years to denounce these Labour rogues but we find he has run away from my questions.

Readers will also be aware that Anish Kapoor came on BBC Newsnight and called Shri Narendra Modi a mass murderer.  He did so just before the Indian elections, the implication being very clear for all to see.  Ed Miliband, as far as I know, has not denounced this preposterous allegation made by one of Labour’s top donors.  Yes that’s right, Anish Kapoor happens to be a high profile donor to the Labour Party.

We have seen atrocities being committed by men of Pakistani heritage in towns and cities controlled by Labour politicians.  Is that all a coincidence?  Or have they been negligent in their duty of care by protecting their vote bank?  No matter what, but thousands of young girls were abused systematically, and I fear we have not heard the last of this story.

When it comes to Kashmir the Tory policy is clear, it’s a matter for India and the British government will not get involved.  However with Labour they give you a different story depending on who you talk to.  Shadow Minister Shabana Mahmood on 23/11/2014 said, “We will jointly struggle for giving Kashmiris a chance to exercise their internationally recognized right of self-determination with the party”, adding, “We hope in upcoming general election there would be a good number of Friends of Kashmir Parliamentarians in British Parliament who can effectively support Kashmir cause”.  So it seems the Labour Policy on Kashmir is for self-determination, pro-Pakistan and in interfering in the internal business of a sovereign nation.  If partition was not enough, they now want to break India up further it seems.

There is a lot more that I can go through, however based on the above it became very clear; the Labour Party of the 21st Century does not speak for us Indians and Hindus.  How on earth can a political party ever look after my interest when they bow to the Pakistani Kashmiri vote bank?  How on earth can Labour ever protect my interest when their MPs attack PM Modiji and therefore undermine India?

I was a card carrying member of the Labour Party.  Yes you read that correctly. However, I am no longer!  The Labour Party has gone too far to the left and it seems they’ll do anything.  It’s all about seats and vote bank politics in which ethics comes a poor second.

The Conservatives have listened, they have changed, and they have supported us on the caste issue, on Kashmir, on PM Modiji, on faith schools and on a host of other issues.  Don’t be too surprised to find that after the next election we have more Hindus and more Gujarati MPs in the Conservative Party than any other Party.  That is what I call a wholesale transformation.  What has Labour to show after five decades of getting our votes? For example, even in areas with very high concentrations of Gujarati’s, they have not managed to put forward a single Gujarati to be their MP.  Is that by chance?  Or is it by design? It really is time to wake up and understand that politics in the 21st Century is different, and we must change with it.

I have picked my side.  I will vote for the Tories.  A vote that I hope will protect the generations to come from our community.  What will you do on 7th May?


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