India and Commonwealth – Future?

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I had a huge response to Kapil’s Khichadi of last, and overwhelmingly in support of the position I had presented with regard to the EU Referendum.  Many of you however wanted to know my views on the London Mayoral elections, and as always, with me you get a straight answer.  I will vote for Zac.

You also wanted me to put a bit of meat on my position on BREXIT.  As a vegetarian I find that an interesting proposition! I shall however provide a glimpse of certain points that you should consider and these are set out below.

Setting the scene:

GE2015 has become a historical reference point for students of politics and social change.  The Indian community ditched its long standing allegiance to the Labour Party with many either not voting for them, or crossing over to the Conservative Party.  Whatever your reasons, we the community took a stand against the loony Labour left, and the Labour Party which appears increasingly to have become a mouthpiece for Pakistan.


Compare this with our Prime Minister who cleared his diary to ensure that when PM Modi visited the UK, due respect was afforded to the leader of the largest democracy in the world.  Contrast this with how Labour Party and its leadership acted.  Jeremy Corbyn and his stooges ignored PM Modi, even failing to turn up to events in Parliament to mark such a momentous event.

The above sets the tone for two major decisions facing the UK. One of electing the London Mayor and the other of opting in/out of the EU.

The Future:

Let me give you some simple, but significant examples.  India is the third largest investor in the UK.  Yes, you read that correctly.  For example, for every one Jaguar (made by Tata Motors in the UK) that is sold to the EU, they sell twelve around the world, of which six are sold within the Commonwealth. There is a clue there, the Commonwealth offers the largest market yet to be serviced properly by the UK.  And the UK has a unique relationship which does give it an advantage compared with many global competitors.

The UK is a NET contributor to the EU amounting literally to billions.  Therefore, we lose money every day we are part of it.  I accept that sometimes it’s worth paying such a price if membership gives us something extraordinary, but the reality is they want our money and then they want to dictate to us.  For example, only this week the French PM announced that if UK leaves the EU then there will be ramifications on border control at Calais.  A threat from a member state and we thought they were our friends!


The debate will go to various extremes but the bottom line will always be very simple.  Our UK borders and who controls them. Currently there are millions waiting to rush into the EU from the Middle East and North Africa.  I despair for these people, but the root of their problems stems from their own dictatorial governments, their own community, their own culture, their tribal allegiances, and their own blindness to the madness of extremism which they have allowed to grow unchecked over decades in their own backyard.

Countries like Germany tend to make bold statements, ‘we can take in 1 million refugees’, but when the reality hits them and there is a backlash from their own citizens, they will try and pass their self-induced problem to everyone else in the EU. We see signs of this happening already.  News emerging suggests that Turkey will be given billions to help stop the flow of refugees.  The price, the EU will open its doors to Turkish citizens and to borderless travel.  Yes, you are one step ahead of me and no doubt can see the utter madness that will result in total chaos.

Is the UK ready to take in potentially a million more refugees over the next few years?  For your information that is similar to creating four brand new towns the size of Milton Keynes (and it has taken us 30 years to build Milton Keynes so it becomes sustainable from within).

The Labour Party under Tony Blair’s tenure opened doors to EU migration and many commentators now believe it was purely to increase the Labour voter base.  Jeremy Corbyn wants to go even further threatening the very socio-cultural fabric of this country.

In my view Britain now needs to step change its relationship with the Commonwealth.  PM Modi, the leader of the 21st Century, is with the UK in this regard.  It’s time we engaged with the last remaining massive untapped markets of the Commonwealth.  This time, we do so with a wish to ensure that all parties engaged in this process benefit equally.  Gone are the days of exploitation, let us set the tone for a new paradigm that defines our relationship with these rapidly developing economies.  And I am convinced India can become a natural leader with PM Modi central in this process.  The EU is the past, it’s an important past, but it represents a stagnant past.  India and the Commonwealth is the future, a dynamic future which has yet to be defined and fulfilled.  Let’s free ourselves from the chains of the restrictive EU and harness the dynamism of these emerging Commonwealth giants.  Don’t waste your vote, make it count, save London and save the UK.


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