Time Indians Woke Up

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Time Indians Woke Up

Astute readers of Asian Voice and Kapil’s Khichadi will be aware that for the best part of the past 5 years, I have been warning our community of the stealth transformation occurring in the Labour Party.  In these five years, I have had a lot of abuse from many prominent Indians who belong to the Labour Party.  They missed the point, they ended up shooting the messenger rather than facing the real prospect that their party was turning into a nightmare.  Time is a silent witness that helps to prove one’s correct stance, and being on the right side of history is a blessing.

So, what am I talking about?  Well I wrote an article titled, ‘Is Labour Going Sharia’? In that I articulated that the Labour Party was being influence disproportionately by the Pakistani (Kashmiri Separatist) groups in the UK.  This week we see further evidence that the Labour Party have lost the plot in their pursuit of appeasement politics to secure the Islamic vote.

Over the past week, London had been transformed by the Jammu and Kashmir Festival taking place at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, The Nehru Centre and even the Houses of Parliament.  A diverse group of performers from Jammu and Kashmir came to the UK to promote their beautiful home state.  They represented various parts of the region as well as the different faiths.  And each of them had one view – for Pakistan and Pakistani sponsored terrorists to stay out of India, and for Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (POK) to become part of Bharat again.

Jammu Kashmir Integral to India
Jammu Kashmir Integral to India

Then on 26th October 2016, the Shadow Justice Minister (Labour) Yasmin Qureshi raised a question in Parliament in which she used the term ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’. Her unparliamentary question was answered with contempt by PM May, and rightly so.  However, what is very important for all of us to recognise is that when any MP who is sitting on the front bench of any political party makes such a statement in Parliament, it basically means it’s the Party policy. Just in case some readers don’t get the point, it means the Labour Party seems to be clearly stating that India is occupying Kashmir and it believes Kashmir is Pakistani.  The Labour Party is now clearly coming across as Pro-Pakistan and Anti-India.  Ironically, 26th October 1947 was also the date on which the then Maharaja signed the Accession document with our Queens representative, Lord Mountbatten, legally confirming that the whole of J&K was integral to India.



And here we have the Grandson of the Maharaja, at the Houses of Parliament with Bob Blackman MP on 26th October 2016, with a copy of the very same Accession document.


Let’s move forward by a day.  On the 27th October 2016, the Labour peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed took part in a demonstration outside the Indian Embassy in London.  I just happen to be passing by and witnessed the anti-India demonstration first hand.  You can actually view his charade on YouTube if you like and make up your own mind.

The Pakistani MPs in the Labour Party (as well as Councillors) feel so empowered that they can say whatever they like, knowing that the senior management of the party is either in on it giving tacit support, or they are too scared to say anything lest they lose the votes.

Remember, it was only last month on 18th September that state sponsored Pakistani terrorists attacked India killing Indian soldiers who were guarding the Line of Control at Uri.  The result of that was clear, Pakistan was isolated on the world stage.  And India gave a fitting reply for Uri, as well as to other cross border violations including the most recent in the Keran sector of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

I have asked Labour MPs Seema Malhotra, Valerie Vaz, Dawn Butler, Jonathan Ashworth and Barry Gardiner if they will denounce the comments of Yasmin Qureshi. So far, no response.  I suppose that says it all!


What does this tell us?  To me, at least, it states that whilst Pakistani MPs and Councillors can say and do what they like in the Labour Party, we have many Labour MPs (getting large numbers of votes from Indians) who basically don’t care a damn about India or Indians.  If they did, I would like to see evidence that they get up in Parliament and disassociate themselves from the statement made by Yasmin Qureshi, and to make a statement in support of India and that POK must be vacated and handed back to India immediately.  Will these cowards have the spine to say that?  Take my advice, don’t hold your breath.

There is an organisation with a grand title called ‘Labour Friends of India’.  As far as I can make out, not one person from that organisation has rebuked Yasmin Qureshi or Lord Nasir so far.  How can you be a ‘friend of India’ and exhibit no spine in standing up to the extremists that threaten India? In fact, on their Facebook page, the last entry was on 25th June 2014.  Yes, it seems the election of PM Modi in May 2014 must have upset them so much, that their interaction on anything India related has stopped.

We have all just celebrated Diwali.  The lessons of Diwali are many, but let us note that the main one being that wherever you see adharmic forces in action, those of dharma must stand up.  The ‘ravanas’ of this world are gathering, often unhindered and possibly even supported by those masquerading as our friends.  We however must see beyond and protect Dharma, for those who protect Dharma, Dharma will protect you.  The darkness we witness daily, we cannot rid it by hiding, or by our cowardice or by appeasing the extremists. So, your duty is simple, if you are of Indian origin, then it is your personal duty to ensure that you use your vote purposefully. It’s your choice, you decide and then you live with the consequences.





4 thoughts on “Time Indians Woke Up

    Shantilal Dudakia said:
    November 3, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    I wish more people read to this article and create awareness at national level.It is time we wake up and fight for truth.

    Gaurang Morjaria said:
    November 3, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    This is misleading as Labour has Labour Friends if India group similar to Labour Friends of Israel.

    Also, instead of being defensive, please use forum to raise the neglected issue of Kashmiri Pandits, aligning their plight to those of Palestinians if need be.

    Finally there is a settled stance regarding Kashmir on both front benches. So it is false to suggest that Labour in any way is Pro-Pakistani.

    Thank you & Namastey.

      Kapil's Khichadi responded:
      November 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      It seems you have either not read the article and understood the core points, or you are a deluded Labour supporter who wishes to ignore the truth. Whatever the reason, I suggest you enlighten yourself as soon as possible…….and maybe read the other articles in KK.

    Ramakant Tiwari said:
    November 3, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    If I correctly remember, Labour Party have always been harnessing the wrong horse. Their downfall with eventual brain damage appears to be inevitable in future.
    Brits look so stupid when they allow almost free entry to Muslim despots and restrict that of Hindu Bharatiyas.

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