Time the World Woke Up

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Time the World Woke Up


President Elect Trump and Family

As the world woke up on Wednesday 9th November, people got a shock of the century. Or did they? I accept the shock was real for the establishment both in the US, as well as many western countries. It was a shock for the paid liberal media that had thrown everything at Trump to destroy him and they failed. Yes, it was also a shock for the pollsters who frankly have still not learnt a simple lesson, the world paradigm has changed and therefore their traditional models just don’t work any longer. It was a monumental shock for the divas of show business who went out of their way to promote Hillary Clinton and demonise Trump. It was a shock because no one wanted to listen to the people. The establishment and the liberal socialist PC brigade forgot the people. All they wanted to do was preserve their elite power base by hoodwinking their core voters again. However, the Earthquake that started in the east in 2014, established a new era in world politics which many ignored at their peril.

So, let’s go to the epicentre of this global earthquake, India. The Indian paid media, political parties, show business and societal elite demonised the then CM Modi who was standing to be the Prime Minister of India. We saw them use every dirty trick in the book to undermine CM Modi, and we also saw the absurd scenario when even the BJP insiders were actively undermining his campaign. The media and the pollsters connived to present a negative picture of CM Modi, presenting polling that was totally skewed. Despite this mafia style attack on CM Modi, in May 2014 he did not just win the Indian election, in so doing he destroyed the very backbone of the corrupt opposition. The Indian people at the grassroots showed their contempt for the establishment. The opposition has still not come to terms with the thrashing they got in 2014.

PM Modi – adored by the Indian masses

That was the start. The huge upset reverberated throughout the world since the ‘establishment’ in many western countries wanted their pet poodle ‘Sonia’s Congress’ to win in India. They did not heed the message.

In June 2016, Great Britain had their EU referendum (otherwise known as Brexit). Again, we saw the same pattern. The media, political parties (here in the UK as well as the meddling politicians from the EU and USA), show business and societal elite demonised all Brexit voters. There was wall to wall coverage painting every Brexiter as racist, xenophobic and illiterate thugs. When the big day came, the ‘remainers’ – i.e. the establishment, started their celebrations showing the polls confirming that Britain would stay in the EU. Well we all know how wrong they all got that and their rhetoric failed in every way possible. The British people at the grassroots sent a message, listen to what we are saying. If you don’t, we’ll give you the political establishment a bloody nose. Today we see that even after such a humiliating defeat, the ‘remainers’ continue to do everything to thwart the will of the people. I have already stated, they do so at their peril. If they think Brexit was a bloody nose, then in GE2020 they’ll get a lot more than that if they don’t get their act together.

united kingdom exit from europe relative image
Brexit shows the way…….

So, we come to the USA and November 2016. We have seen the very same events unfolding. The establishment refused to listen to the people. They refused to listen to common sense. They did everything in their power to ensure that the Washington click stayed in power, one way or another. They had become so corrupt that even when they could see the wholesale misadventures of Hillary Clinton, collectively they all turned a blind eye. Remember, Hillary had the media, show business, the establishment, big businesses all on her side. She also had the President, Barak Obama who became the first outgoing President to take such an active part in a presidential election. If that was not enough, even Michelle Obama took to the stage to influence (or was it to hoodwink) the ‘minority’ voters. Then we add on top the USD 1.3 Billion which the democrats spent in promoting Hillary. Yes, USD 1.3 Billion and they still lost.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

So, what is going on? After more than 60 years of political match fixing in many of our western democracies, there is now a people’s revolt that is taking place. It is NOT the racists as the establishment will paint. They are NOT xenophobic and nor are they dumb. In the real world where we all live, you have some crazy people on the extreme left, on the extreme right and yes, even some in the middle. However, to paint vast groups of law abiding good people with such crass labels is not only wrong, it is defamation on a monumental scale. You cannot win any election with just the ultra-left, or the ultra-right – you also need the people in the middle (the silent majority), a fact many people ignored.

This wind of change is already present in France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and don’t rule out Austria, Holland and Hungary. If the EU politicians don’t wake up, they are all in for a shocking future.

And so, we end with one clear exposition, Brexit was right for the UK. This is now our time to reset the country so we can take advantage of a new global paradigm. It’s time to be positive and brave. The bigger story is not that Trump won, but that almost everyone in what we call the ‘establishment’ is so out of touch with the grassroots. When Trump said, it was going to be Brexit plus plus plus, there was a clue for the establishment!  Do they get it tough?


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