India and Commonwealth – Future?

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I had a huge response to Kapil’s Khichadi of last, and overwhelmingly in support of the position I had presented with regard to the EU Referendum.  Many of you however wanted to know my views on the London Mayoral elections, and as always, with me you get a straight answer.  I will vote for Zac.

You also wanted me to put a bit of meat on my position on BREXIT.  As a vegetarian I find that an interesting proposition! I shall however provide a glimpse of certain points that you should consider and these are set out below.

Setting the scene:

GE2015 has become a historical reference point for students of politics and social change.  The Indian community ditched its long standing allegiance to the Labour Party with many either not voting for them, or crossing over to the Conservative Party.  Whatever your reasons, we the community took a stand against the loony Labour left, and the Labour Party which appears increasingly to have become a mouthpiece for Pakistan.


Compare this with our Prime Minister who cleared his diary to ensure that when PM Modi visited the UK, due respect was afforded to the leader of the largest democracy in the world.  Contrast this with how Labour Party and its leadership acted.  Jeremy Corbyn and his stooges ignored PM Modi, even failing to turn up to events in Parliament to mark such a momentous event.

The above sets the tone for two major decisions facing the UK. One of electing the London Mayor and the other of opting in/out of the EU.

The Future:

Let me give you some simple, but significant examples.  India is the third largest investor in the UK.  Yes, you read that correctly.  For example, for every one Jaguar (made by Tata Motors in the UK) that is sold to the EU, they sell twelve around the world, of which six are sold within the Commonwealth. There is a clue there, the Commonwealth offers the largest market yet to be serviced properly by the UK.  And the UK has a unique relationship which does give it an advantage compared with many global competitors.

The UK is a NET contributor to the EU amounting literally to billions.  Therefore, we lose money every day we are part of it.  I accept that sometimes it’s worth paying such a price if membership gives us something extraordinary, but the reality is they want our money and then they want to dictate to us.  For example, only this week the French PM announced that if UK leaves the EU then there will be ramifications on border control at Calais.  A threat from a member state and we thought they were our friends!


The debate will go to various extremes but the bottom line will always be very simple.  Our UK borders and who controls them. Currently there are millions waiting to rush into the EU from the Middle East and North Africa.  I despair for these people, but the root of their problems stems from their own dictatorial governments, their own community, their own culture, their tribal allegiances, and their own blindness to the madness of extremism which they have allowed to grow unchecked over decades in their own backyard.

Countries like Germany tend to make bold statements, ‘we can take in 1 million refugees’, but when the reality hits them and there is a backlash from their own citizens, they will try and pass their self-induced problem to everyone else in the EU. We see signs of this happening already.  News emerging suggests that Turkey will be given billions to help stop the flow of refugees.  The price, the EU will open its doors to Turkish citizens and to borderless travel.  Yes, you are one step ahead of me and no doubt can see the utter madness that will result in total chaos.

Is the UK ready to take in potentially a million more refugees over the next few years?  For your information that is similar to creating four brand new towns the size of Milton Keynes (and it has taken us 30 years to build Milton Keynes so it becomes sustainable from within).

The Labour Party under Tony Blair’s tenure opened doors to EU migration and many commentators now believe it was purely to increase the Labour voter base.  Jeremy Corbyn wants to go even further threatening the very socio-cultural fabric of this country.

In my view Britain now needs to step change its relationship with the Commonwealth.  PM Modi, the leader of the 21st Century, is with the UK in this regard.  It’s time we engaged with the last remaining massive untapped markets of the Commonwealth.  This time, we do so with a wish to ensure that all parties engaged in this process benefit equally.  Gone are the days of exploitation, let us set the tone for a new paradigm that defines our relationship with these rapidly developing economies.  And I am convinced India can become a natural leader with PM Modi central in this process.  The EU is the past, it’s an important past, but it represents a stagnant past.  India and the Commonwealth is the future, a dynamic future which has yet to be defined and fulfilled.  Let’s free ourselves from the chains of the restrictive EU and harness the dynamism of these emerging Commonwealth giants.  Don’t waste your vote, make it count, save London and save the UK.


BREXIT – Peoples’ Verdict

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On Saturday the Prime Minister announced the date for the EU Referendum to be 23rd June 2016.  This followed what can only be called one of the most demanding and exhaustive EU wide diplomatic campaign by any British PM ever.  PM Cameron has proved to be a man of his word.  He promised a referendum and that is exactly what we got.  He promised a series of measures the EU would have to agree to before he would put his name to the ‘in’ campaign – and by any measure you have to conclude he has become the most successful British Prime Minster ever in negotiating such a dramatic deal with the EU.

So based on this one might well conclude that the ‘in’ campaign will sail through the referendum and win on the 23rd.  However this omits to take into account the elephant in the room.  Frankly speaking in my view it’s now become herd of elephants.

So what am I talking about?

The referendum will be won on the streets of Great Britain.  It will be won by what the people think and believe in, it will have little relevance to what the politicians are saying.  In fact I would doubt if even the business community can say anything that would make any sizeable impact.

Under any other circumstance the Prime Minister would have won this vote easily.  However the biggest elephant in the room is the Middle Eastern and North African refugee crisis.  People have seen for themselves what has happened in countries like Greece, Italy, France, Germany and even Sweden.  Many of these countries were championing an EU wide open arms welcome to all the refugees.  Some countries like Germany even stated that they would absorb a million refugees.  This one-upmanship of EU leaders trying to outdo each another by showing how wonderful they were has now resulted in total chaos across Europe.  The very people that came out in the streets of Germany to welcome the refugees are now abandoning Chancellor Merkel by the thousands on a daily basis.  And this story is repeated time and again all across Europe.

Contrast this with Great Britain that basically pulled up the draw bridge and opted to filter compassion with pragmatism.  This limited the numbers coming to Britain, and those who have been allowed to enter are the most needy and directly from the refugee camps in Syria and Iraq.


The Prime Minister has negotiated as good a deal as was possible with the EU.  However I don’t believe this will register with the voters in the way it probably should.  The mentality of mass hysteria will hit our streets and as the weeks go by and the weather gets better, we will witness another massive influx of refugees into Europe.  The voters will put this right at the top of their agenda.  This referendum has been high jacked by the refugee tsunami hitting the EU and increasingly one can see that it has the momentum to drown out all other arguments in this debate.

The most important decision by this country in over five decades will probably be based on people’s fears rather than rational thinking.  It will be a miracle for the Prime Minister to win this vote even though he has personally delivered on his promise.  If the vote is lost no doubt politicians from all sides will gun for him to go.  It would be profoundly silly for the Tory party to fall into this trap.  They know that the PM will step aside at the end of this Parliamentary term.  If they want to win, and win big again they have to show discipline, loyalty and patience.  In the end history will show the Prime Minister in much better light for not only did he deliver on the EU referendum pledge, but at the same time he has forged very strong links with the emerging giant economies of the east.  In particular his focus on UK/India relations will prove to be the saviour for the country.

So where do I stand?  I stand with the Prime Minster but, and this is important – I will still vote for BREXIT.  In this regard I am with my friend Priti Patel.  The bottom line, I cannot trust the EU to keep to their word and I suspect when the refugee crisis gets out of control, the UK will end up with little control over its borders. People on both sides of the equation are good and compassionate, so don’t let the megaphone politicians or the loony left media try and tell you otherwise.  The people of Great Britain have shown their compassion time and again.  We are one of the highest donors of aid anywhere in the world.  That is aid by the Government, but also aid generated by people putting their hand in their own pockets.  I suspect people will decide with a heavy heart to leave the EU.  Border control will be the deciding issue and on that their compassion will focus on maintaining the very fabric of British society first.

The hype will continue with claim and counter claim.  The more the politicians get involved, the greater the probability that BREXIT becomes a reality.  My advice, wait till the last 7 days and you will see drama on a scale not seen hitherto.  And watch out for what is happening over the channel, the EU will be embroiled in a nightmare of their own making, and that in the end might be the tipping point.

I commend the Prime Minister for trying so valiantly but I suspect in the end it might be just a touch short of the winning line.


Labour: Anti Modi & Anti India ?

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Whilst you and I, and a billion other people around the world rejoiced the historic visit of Prime Minister Shri Modiji to the UK, a more sinister and troubling underbelly of the Labour Party was exposed for all to see.

Readers will be aware that well before the general elections I had exposed Labour and its anti-Modi, anti-India and even anti-Hindu stance.   At that time Jeremy Corbyn was an unknown, but I had shown to you that he was very much comfortable with the extremist in society.  He was very friendly with the Pakistani mobs, the Pakistani Kashmiri Separatist and extremist organisations such as ‘Avaaz’.

Many of you heeded my observations and you took that monumental step not to vote for Labour.  You made the right call and I trust you will see increasingly how right you were not to trust Labour.

So what has got me upset sufficiently that I have resurrected Kapil’s Khichadi?  For me the matter has and will always be simple.  If any politician or political party threatens the stability and future prospects of our community, or attempts to undermine our Dharma – then they have to be exposed.  Full Stop.  I know there are many very powerful people from within our community who are staunch supporters of Labour.  In fact they tried everything to high-jack PM Modiji’s visit to make it a Labour event.  Instead it became their biggest disaster imaginable.  PM Cameron took centre stage with PM Modiji – you could see the shock and horror on the faces of the Labour slaves.  This was their worst nightmare unfolding in front of their eyes.  On one side PM Modi the leading political leader of our time that Labour is against, and on the other side their local nemesis, PM Cameron. Oh what a show they put on of great unity between our two great nations.  That’s one in the eye to these Labour lackeys.

Their leader, Jeremy Corbyn failed to turn up to every single event in which PM Modiji was taking part or was being honoured.  This includes ALL formal national events in Parliament, as well as those honouring our heroes such as Mahatma Gandhiji and our cultural heritage.

Jeremy Corbyn showed total disrespect for India, the Indian PM and every Indian in the world.  In order for Jeremy to appease to his Muslim Pakistani vote bank, he undermined the future prospects of the whole of the United Kingdom.  Tens of thousands of jobs are dependent on Indian companies and Indian investment into the UK. And the potential to increase this significantly over the coming decade has severely been compromised by a Party Leader who cares less about his country, less about the traditions of his country and even less about its people.  This is the man who is willing to compromise the security of our nation so he can remain buddies with some of his extremist friends here in the UK as well as abroad.

I am still waiting for leading MPs of Indian origin from the Labour Party to openly and without reservation denounce their leader for his disgraceful behaviour.  I will not accept any half-baked weasel words.  I want to see them come out and attack this incompetent Labour leader with utter bluntness.  After all it was their leader who elected to disrespect the largest democracy in the world in such an open manner.

PM Modi came to the UK with a mandate that was greater than all Prime Ministers and Presidents of the EU countries put together.  A fact that Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk just could not stomach or comprehend.

The Labour Party has gone Sharia.  I had warned AV readers and the nation of this several years ago.  The Labour Party is now led by a group of dim wits with half-baked ideas about governance.  They will readily appease the dictators and the extremists in the Middle East, South America or even some closer to home.  Ludicrous as it may sound, but it seems Jeremy Corbyn wanted to capture ‘Jihadi John’ than to obliterate that excuse of a human being to kingdom come.  Now it seems he is unsure whether we should allow our security forces to shoot terrorist on sight. Incredible as that might sound, but this man actually thinks we should allow mad terrorist the right to go about their business and tie the hands of our security forces at the same time.  Can his madness get any worse?  Do you really want to jeopardise the nation’s future to find out?

So what is the message for you the readers?  For you the Indian Diaspora?  Well my friends it is simple, there comes a time when we all have to make that call for truth and justice.  For being on the right side of Dharma and on the right side of history.  Either you can remain deluded and blind to what is unfolding in front of your eyes, or you can take note and make changes to your voting behaviour.

The Labour Party is dead.  It is now in the hands of extremists who are against you.  They have shown this very clearly.  There is now no doubt since their behaviour during PM Modiji visit showed us what they are, a bunch of left-wing nutters indulging in their prejudices.

The London Mayoral elections will be with us soon.  I hope you exercise your civic right and vote for the right person and party.  Just in case there still remain a few deluded souls out there, yes Labours’ Sadiq Khan also ignored PM Modiji!

In Kapil’s Khichadi I don’t sit on the fence or try to be ‘politically correct’.  Frankly I don’t have time or patience for such rubbish.  It is now time for our community, our media and yes, our politicians to recognise what is happening and see the bigger picture.  If we don’t get our act together, believe me there will be no future left for the generations to come.  Don’t let your future generations judge you by your inaction today.  It is time to recognise your duty.  Your duty to the nation, your duty to your community, your duty to your dharma and yes, your duty to the legacy you leave behind.

When PM Modiji referred to PM Cameron as his brother, I understood the clear message he was giving to all of us.  I get it, do you?  PM Modiji’s visit will be remembered for this:




Wake up oh sons and daughters of Bharat Varsh. History demands of you, your sacrifice and service for the protection of the nation.

Cameron Destroys Opposition

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Cameron Destroys Opposition


The last time we had such a major upset in any national elections was when everyone thought Neil Kinnock was going to be crowned King in 1992.  I remember the hysteria at the time when in presidential style Kinnock toured the country, verging on celebrating a victory even before the first vote had been cast.  Well history repeats itself but in a slightly different incarnation.  Every single pollster was predicting a hung parliament with many permutations for a potential coalition government.  However within minutes of the polls closing at 10 pm on 7th May, I received a special call telling me the Conservatives had won and that I might want to go to bed rather than stay awake waiting for each result to come through.  I of course stayed awake since I wanted to gauge what commentators and politicians would make of this incredible news.  Commentator after commentator dismissed the exit polls stating that the multiple polls in the run up could not all be wrong.  There was logic to their argument except for their understanding of the human psyche.  I had been saying to a lot of people that all the commentators had missed three crucial factors.  First that there were many Tory voters who were shy about disclosing their allegiance.  The second, that the moment before putting that cross on the ballot paper many voters will take a deep breath and say, ‘I can’t trust Labour’.  And therein we have the answer to why this became one of the most thrilling elections of the modern era.  There is a third reason also, one that has been missed by many in the media, that being the way in which Lynton Crosby and his team targeted specific seats and turned so many of them to blue.  They blindsided Labour with extraordinary finesse.   Of course the chant of ‘vote Labour and get SNP’ had an impact also.

Labour Party:


The problem for Labour started when they elected Ed Miliband as their leader. They knew it, and so did the general public.  In the years he was in charge, Labour went from one crisis to another.  Every time they got close to assuring the public that they understood finances, one of the two Ed’s would put their foot in it and destroy their credibility.  Forgetting to mention the deficit in one of his major speeches was not just a lapse, it was confirmation that when it came to the big issues, Ed’s radar was not working.  When as leader you attempt to divide and rule by coining the phrase, ‘predator and producer’, it took Labour back to its bad old days.  When you then add to this mixture the power of the Unions within Labour, it all got just too much for Joe Public.

Ed and his front bench made the biggest mistake in thinking that old Labour was still relevant to the future of this nation.  Vacating the middle ground that Tony Blair high-jacked from the Tories and the Liberal Democrats was a monumental error of judgement.  Labour went in this election not with a wish to win on merit, or on policies or on a vision for the country – it was on a 35% core vote strategy.  And what happened to that?  He barely managed to cross the 30% threshold.

Will Labour learn the lessons?  There is no evidence to suggest that either they get the message, or they have anyone in their ranks like a ‘Tony Blair’ who can command not only loyalty, but also put forward a groundbreaking vision of what Labour needs to look like for the 21st Century.  They face difficulties in selecting their next leader.  Whilst the rules for selection have changed, in my view I am not sure they will curtail the power of the Unions.  Chukha Umana comes across as a decent chap hovering around the centre ground, the very space Labour needs to command if they are to govern again.  However even before he got started, he chucked in the towel and withdrew from the leadership contest.  I don’t buy into the excuses he is giving and get the feeling there is a lot more to come out, watch this space.

The Labour Party is in a bad way.  Until they find their soul, their purpose in the 21st Century, they may hark to the bad old days of the 70’s and Michael Foot.  Should that happen then one cannot see how Labour will come back to power for at least a decade, and maybe even longer.

The Conservatives


The Conservatives ran their narrative from 2010 onwards.  They decided on the agenda for the 2015 election and whilst everyone was chasing shadows, David Cameron and Lynton Crosby remained relatively calm.  They knew that when it came to putting that cross on the ballot paper people will get nervous about Labour and there should be a last minute surge to them.  However as days went by the surge did not take place.  Poll after poll declared a close run election.  However I can disclose to you now that I was informed by a key person in the Tory ranks some two weeks before the election that they would win with a majority.  Everyone had underestimated the fact that the shy Tory would emerge on the day, and that many others would change allegiance as they realise Labour was not the answer.  Add to that the specific targeting of certain seats and you end up with 37%.  The number the Tories had been working on right from the start.

Whilst the Tory majority is only 12, the impact of the win on Labour is not too dissimilar to what Tony Blair inflicted on the Tories in 1997.  This win has ripped the heart out of Labour leaving it in total disarray.  It has enhanced David Cameron’s position significantly.  After all he can claim he won the election and produced the first Tory majority government since the 1990’s.

For my part I am glad about the result since a Tory government under the stewardship of David Cameron is rooted to the centre, is pro-India and pro-dharmic communities.  The Tories may yet become the party of the people as long as they stay in the centre and allow the aspirations of people to be realised.

Make it count – Vote

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Make it count -Vote


The time has come when each and every citizen must do their duty and ensure they take the time to consider what’s on offer and then go and cast their vote for the party of their choice.  By so doing we empower our society and our democracy.  The strength of our democracy rests in our interaction with due process – and that is the deal we sign up to when we wish to be part of society.  So don’t forget or come up with excuses, do your duty to yourself and to your country.

We have seen an incredible week when PM Cameron has come out fighting and responding to the challenges he faces to retain his government.  In what has become one of the key moments of the campaign, Cameron visited BAPS Neasden Mandir where he got one of the most stunning welcomes possible.  People in the audience confirmed what became an endorsing event to celebrate a Prime Minister who had done so much for India, for PM Modiji, for Hindus in this country and in declaring that his government will seek to ensure India becomes a permanent member of the United Nations.  In fact I have checked and as far as I can make out, no party in the history of British elections has ever put that as one of their manifesto commitments.

No sooner was that news coming hot off the press and I received an open letter from the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) which is one of the most prominent national Hindu Temple organisations in the UK.  The open letter was very articulate and you can all read it fully at the end of this blog.   In essence the Secretary General, Shri Satish Sharma is asking all Dharmic communities to engage with the election process.  He rightly reminds us of the words of Lord Krishna that in any civil society it is our duty to stand up for righteousness.  And as such, taking part in an election is to contribute to civil society and its well being.  That is our dharmic duty.  The open letter reminds us of how the Labour Party imposed the caste legislation that potentially will  not only be harmful to us, but may well undermine the very fabric of our community.

I am also pleased to note that the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) has also released an open statement which is on very similar lines to the one from the NCHT.  Smt Trupti Patel (President of HFB) statement reminds us of our duty to nation by taking part in the election process.  She also reminds us of important issues such as the caste legislation as well as Kashmir, and the relative positions of the various parties.  HFB also concurs with the NCHT conclusions that the Conservative party has been a friend of the Hindu community during these testing times.

Dharmic communities should always take note of all parties and the impact of their policies.  When any one of their policies is so specific as to undermine and damage our dharma, we must make that the centre piece of our decision making.  The generations to come will not forgive anyone who allows politicians to get away with it, especially when there are matters that directly impact and affect our dharmic traditions.

When we published the very first British Hindu Manifesto in Asian Voice, we did so to put issues of substance up for public debate and scrutiny.  By so doing Asian Voice through Kapil’s Khichadi became the very conduit that allowed all our national organisations to come together and launch their own Hindu manifesto.  In one go organisations such as, HFB, NCHT, BBHS, HLA, CHN, BHC, SSCT, HC (North) and many more came together for the well being of the community.

We have seen the Jewish community who are very proactive and the most successful when it comes to British politics.  For a community of some 450000 people it has in excess of 70 MPs in Parliament.  When it comes to the Jewish issues, what we observe is how quickly they all come together and face the challenges as one.  For them protecting their faith, their community and the integrity of Israel is always of the highest priority.

As Hindus we also need to learn lessons from our Jewish friends.  Ours is a community of some 850000 people yet we have less than 10 MPs in Parliament.  Post the 2015 elections there is a strong chance that maybe we can break the 10 MP ceiling.  However should we not expect and aspire to have say 50 plus MPs over the coming decade or so?  The only way we can achieve this is with our proactive engagement and in making sure that we support people from our community who will put us first, and not forget us when the going gets tough.

In India we saw PM Modiji take the positive message of Hindu values to the voters.  In a country that has been split on every fault line imaginable to mankind, he succeeded in getting his message across and winning a massive majority.  He proved that you can be a strong Hindu, with positive values and become instrumental in constructive politics that benefits the masses.  PM Modiji is destined to visit the UK this summer.  Let us as a community stand tall and proud and show him that yes, even in the UK, we as a community are making an impact that is bigger than our socio/economic footprint.

GE2015 will be with us shortly.  So take it seriously. Do your research and make an informed decision.

The following articles/statements from leading Hindus and Sikh Organisation are helpful in considering relevant information before casting your vote:

AV-May2015 NCHTUK British Hindu Guidance and Open  Letter-page-001-1 NCHTUK British Hindu Guidance and Open  Letter-page-002 general advice-sikhsBSA - General Election Statement

And this is from the National Hindu Students Forum:

Hindus & Sikhs Unite

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Hindus & Sikhs Unite

The last few weeks have been remarkable and we are witnessing the emergence of a new forward looking consensus between two great Dharmic communities of modern times.  In his recent visit to the UK Dr Subramanian Swamy, one of the most high profile Indian politicians and a champion for anti-corruption opened the doors for even better cooperation between these two great communities.  Dr Swamy became the very first Indian politician to set foot in a Gurdwara in the UK since the sad events of 1984 that took place under the then Congress government in India. On Saturday 18th April 2015 a very special gathering took place at Gurdwara Har Rai Sahib ji in West Bromwich where the leading lights of the Sikh community came together to discuss the General Election and the issues affecting both these communities.  High profile speakers included:  Sarpanch Harjeet Singhji, Shri Satish Sharma (NCHT), Dr Praveen Kumar (VHP) and Sardar Jasdev Singh Rai (BSCF). Many organisations attended including:  Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara – Southall, Sri Hargobind Sahib Gurudwara – Tividale, Sri Gurur Amardas Gurdwara – Leicester, NCHTUK, Sri Krishna Mandir – Wolverhampton, Sri Omkarananda Mission – Wolverhampton, Mata Mandir – Dudley, Slough Sri Krishna Temple and British Sikh Consultative Forum. In a dramatic climax to the proceeding the gathering passed a unanimous resolution as follows: STANDING COALITION OF SIKHS, HINDUS AND JAINS UK We find the inclusion of the term “caste” as a protected category in the 2010 Equalities Act, and subsequently in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, to be totally unacceptable and demand that its inclusion be repealed in its entirety within the first two years of the next Parliamentary Term. The legislation, by way of the Lord Harries Caste Amendment, was introduced on the basis of poor research and the associated report was dismissed as unreliable in Parliament.  The report authors have also confirmed that its primary purpose was not to instigate any legislation, and in fact goes onto to repeat that given the variance of evidence, that a more substantial piece of research is required before any views can be formed.  When has an Act of Parliament, except in national security issues, been passed without knowing what the Act is about (definition) and whether the need exists?  Furthermore there has been no impact assessment of this legislation on business, the communities concerned and the very fabric of British society. We find this an extraordinary state of affairs, a glaring abuse of Parliamentary privilege and a breach of trust that citizens rightly place in the legislative process.  It has brought Parliament into disrepute.  We require that each party leader and their political party give the following undertakings:

  1. The legislation on caste in its entirety be repealed within the first two years of the next Parliamentary Term.
  2. Genuine independent research should be conducted on a longitudinal basis.
  3. Full detailed impact assessments should be carried out: business sector, concerned communities, society in general and the service sector.

The ramifications of the resolution are very clear.  Every major political party that wants Hindu and Sikh votes will have to give their confirmation that the disgraceful and treacherous legislation on Caste is repealed in its entirety during the next Parliamentary term.  The clear evidence so far is that both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have refused to accept this and will therefore ignore the wishes of the Sikh and Hindu communities.  In contrast the Conservative Party has confirmed that if they have a clear majority after the elections, they will repeal the entire caste legislation.  This is bound to impact the way our communities vote since protecting our Dharma from denigration and disrespect must always come first.

British Hindu Manifesto:

In another dramatic development it seems the Hindu Manifesto first published in Asian Voice in Kapil’s Khichadi has become the foundation for the unveiling of the full blown British Hindu Manifesto (BHM).  The BHM was led by the Hindu Forum of Britain in partnership with the National Council of Hindu Temples.  Other major leading organisations also joined in to lend their support including Hindu Lawyers Association, City Hindu Network, Birmingham Hindu Council, Hindu Council of the North and the Sahajanand Swami Charitable Trust.  What is interesting to note is that the very first item on the BHM is to demand that the caste legislation is repealed in its entirety.

Dharma Rakshak Award:

kd-DrS-1 On a lighter note, but one that is dear to me, I was conferred the ‘Dharma Rakshak’ award by Dr S Swamy during his recent visit to the UK.  I am most grateful to the NCHT and the BBHS for having confidence to grant me this award.  I understand it is for my work in the media.  I accept the award in the spirit it has been given and I hope that I may continue to live up to these high standards in my column. Photo: Dr Subramanian Swamy with Kapil Dudakia (AV)

Below you will find all the statements made by leading Hindus and Sikh organisations:

general advice-sikhs  NCHTUK British Hindu Guidance and Open  Letter-page-001-1NCHTUK British Hindu Guidance and Open  Letter-page-002 AV-May2015

I’ll Be Voting Conservative

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Kapil’s Khichadi

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It’s time to come off the fence and nail one’s colours to the mast.  Readers will know that over the past 5 years I have scrutinised all political parties, their leaders and their policies.  Now with fewer than 20 days to the election it is time that people like me who wish to say so much, also have the strength of our convictions to come forward and tell everyone where we stand.  So today let me make it clear – in GE2015 I will be voting for the Conservative Party.  And my reasons are:

I am a British Hindu of Indian origin.  I came to the UK in 1968 when I was barely 9 years old.  As I was growing up all I saw were the masses of Indians all voting for the Labour Party.  When I got the vote even I followed the set process and voted for the Labour Party.  And dare I say this pattern has continued election after election, generation after generation, with very little inward or outward inquiry.  I however began to question everything during the Blair years and whilst he did some good, I was not sure about his motivation.  With Brown and Miliband taking over Labour leadership it brought a number of issues into even sharper focus.

I witnessed a Labour government introduce a Machiavellian diplomatic ban on Shri Narendra Modi in 2002.  Brown and Miliband did nothing about this diplomatic ban since they were part of the whole fiasco.  The ban was not justified under any international law, it seemed Labour wanted to help their Congress friends in India.

When Ed Miliband took over having stabbed his brother in back, something told me that one should be careful in placing any trust in this new leader of the labour Party.  My hesitation came true since it was the Labour Party that supported and orchestrated the ‘caste’ legislation treachery.  They stabbed the Hindu (Dharmic) community in the back and went against the wishes of all our organisations.

In early 2014 we witnessed Labour MPs working in tandem with some extremist organisations to hold Anti-Modi events at the House of Commons.  These events also came across as Anti-Hindu.  Readers will remember I wrote an open letter to Ed Miliband to come clean and tell us exactly where he stood.  He has had several years to denounce these Labour rogues but we find he has run away from my questions.

Readers will also be aware that Anish Kapoor came on BBC Newsnight and called Shri Narendra Modi a mass murderer.  He did so just before the Indian elections, the implication being very clear for all to see.  Ed Miliband, as far as I know, has not denounced this preposterous allegation made by one of Labour’s top donors.  Yes that’s right, Anish Kapoor happens to be a high profile donor to the Labour Party.

We have seen atrocities being committed by men of Pakistani heritage in towns and cities controlled by Labour politicians.  Is that all a coincidence?  Or have they been negligent in their duty of care by protecting their vote bank?  No matter what, but thousands of young girls were abused systematically, and I fear we have not heard the last of this story.

When it comes to Kashmir the Tory policy is clear, it’s a matter for India and the British government will not get involved.  However with Labour they give you a different story depending on who you talk to.  Shadow Minister Shabana Mahmood on 23/11/2014 said, “We will jointly struggle for giving Kashmiris a chance to exercise their internationally recognized right of self-determination with the party”, adding, “We hope in upcoming general election there would be a good number of Friends of Kashmir Parliamentarians in British Parliament who can effectively support Kashmir cause”.  So it seems the Labour Policy on Kashmir is for self-determination, pro-Pakistan and in interfering in the internal business of a sovereign nation.  If partition was not enough, they now want to break India up further it seems.

There is a lot more that I can go through, however based on the above it became very clear; the Labour Party of the 21st Century does not speak for us Indians and Hindus.  How on earth can a political party ever look after my interest when they bow to the Pakistani Kashmiri vote bank?  How on earth can Labour ever protect my interest when their MPs attack PM Modiji and therefore undermine India?

I was a card carrying member of the Labour Party.  Yes you read that correctly. However, I am no longer!  The Labour Party has gone too far to the left and it seems they’ll do anything.  It’s all about seats and vote bank politics in which ethics comes a poor second.

The Conservatives have listened, they have changed, and they have supported us on the caste issue, on Kashmir, on PM Modiji, on faith schools and on a host of other issues.  Don’t be too surprised to find that after the next election we have more Hindus and more Gujarati MPs in the Conservative Party than any other Party.  That is what I call a wholesale transformation.  What has Labour to show after five decades of getting our votes? For example, even in areas with very high concentrations of Gujarati’s, they have not managed to put forward a single Gujarati to be their MP.  Is that by chance?  Or is it by design? It really is time to wake up and understand that politics in the 21st Century is different, and we must change with it.

I have picked my side.  I will vote for the Tories.  A vote that I hope will protect the generations to come from our community.  What will you do on 7th May?