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Kapil’s Khichadi

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For several years I have been promoting Gujarat and writing about Shri Narendrabhai Modi.  In fact in October’s Kapil’s Khichadi I commented on the unstoppable juggernaut of NaMo mania that was spreading across India.  There remained sceptics both in India as well as in the western world, with many people gullible enough to accept the rhetoric and narrative of western politicians and the paid media that was so fiercely against Narendrabhai.  There were some who appeared to be in the Modi camp publically but in fact their true allegiance rested with their western partners.  Gradually all of these people will be exposed either by their own stupidity or when Narendrabhai exposes them.  Then there will be no doubt and trust me folks, you will be surprised when you hear the names of these duplicitous people.

So December 4th marked a unique day when parts of India went to vote.  December 8th will go down in history as the day the Bharat Janata spoke with one voice – NaMo NaMo NaMo.  Lest there is any doubt in anyone’s mind, Shri Narendrabhai and the BJP broke through all the barriers laid before them to gain spectacular victories around the country.  Even the fortress of Congress power, Delhi, fell to the BJP.

You can all begin to see why the decision by the British Prime Minister to engage with Shri Narendrabhai is so correct and also so very astute for Britain.  It is a pity that Ed Miliband is still unable to come clean on where he stands.  Ed appears to be moving too far to the left and some have even commented that one of his top priorities is in securing the wholesale Sunni vote.  The Indian community should rightly ask some tough questions of the Labour Party.

Even PM MM Singh had to acknowledge that he was now taking Shri Narendrabhai seriously.  It seems that the BJP which was embroiled in an internal struggle to name a PM candidate will now look back and wonder why they took so long over it.  Narendrabhai has breathed a new life into the democratic process in India.  The recent elections are showing remarkable voter turnout.  Even the youth have finally woken up and are now proactively using the latest technology of social media to galvanise the masses.  There is excitement in the air each time Narendrabhai comes to town.  Getting audiences of 500000 people turning up is now no longer a surprise, it’s become the norm.  One is reminded of the days of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel when they marched amongst the masses to bring to life ‘people power’.  Bharatiya Janata Party is now realising its true mission of getting ‘Bharat’ and its people ‘Janata’ to come and ‘Party’ together for the very future of the nation.

Great challenges lie ahead for the BJP.  The Indian media is controlled by powerful vested interest groups; some of them have connections with entities in the west as well as in the middle-east.  Watch out for a massive campaign of misinformation.  Agents of adharma will continue to use Godhra to malign Narendrabhai and Gujarat in their endeavour to maintain power.  It is now for the Indian community to open their eyes and see who in the west is doing the dirty deed.  However as I write this column, news is just coming in: Mohammad Hashim Ansari, one of the oldest litigants in Ayodhya title suits said, “Modi needs Muslims’ full support to become prime minister of the country,” further adding, “Muslims in Gujarat are happy and wealthy”.  So even one of the oldest litigants in the demolition of the Babri mosque wants Narendrabhai as the Prime Minister.

Countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, UK and Australia have made the right call.  They know that being on the side of India is preferential to being associated too closely with Pakistan or the Middle-East.  The world paradigm is changing and it will be interesting to observe which nations make the right call.  India told the west about terrorism emanating out of Pakistan a long time back – but they failed to take heed. 26/11 woke them up, but there are still some who think siding and appeasing the extremist might work.  The truth is simple, if you befriend a viper – it will bite you one day.

The politics of Delhi also brought to the forefront the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).  They certainly did very well and commendations go to them in making such a break through.  However, further analysis may well show that AAP might actually be ‘Congress Lite’ in guise.  In addition, it is also clear to me that the ‘Gandhi’ phenomenon appears to have lost its historical lustre.  I would go even further and say that maybe the anti-Gandhi tsunami is now at such a high that the very future of Congress is in danger.  Has India finally reached a stage when getting rid of the ‘Gandhi’ phenomenon might actually be the only course of action left to Congress to save its very future?

India under the leadership of Narendrabhai does not need to beg or fall to its knees for western approval.  India needs to understand that its time has come to embrace its destiny.  It must rise up and become a world leader not just economically, but also in showing a moral compass that guides wise decisions.  The lion of Gujarat has roared.  Let us all ensure that we do what it takes to lend our support – the very future of India may well depend on it.


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